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Lions Uniform – Grade KG

  • A Lion T-shirt
  • an optional cap specifically designed for Lion youth is in local council Scout shops

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Uniform for Tigers to Arrows Only (1st – 5th Grades)

The first thing you’re going to want to do is buy your shirt, belt and basic patches.  These three things will apply to Tigers, Wolfs, Bear Scouts and Webelos.  Webelos have the same basic patches but their shirt and belt is different.

1.) For the Cub Scouts shirt we recommend the basic blue short sleeve cub scout shirt.
Keep in mind when buying this shirt that it needs to make it through first, second
and third grade. Once in fourth and fifth grade, their shirt will change to the Webelos basic
beige short sleeve shirt. The Webelos shirts come in two different types of material Cotton and Polyester Microfiber. Prices will vary.


 Cub Scouts


2.) Scouts belt,  allow room to grow. Click on pictures for link.

 Cub Scouts


3.) There are five patches you need to get started that apply to Cub Scouts and Webelos shirt.

  • Circle 10 Council Patch (placed on the left shoulder)
  • World Scouts Crest Emblem (should already be on the Uniform Shirt, stitched)
  • Unit Numbers 7, 5 & 8 (for Pack 758), placed on the left sleeve, under Circle 10 Council Patch (on optional pocket on the sleeve)
    Image result for scout number patch 5Image result for scout number patch 8

4. Neckerchief & Slide

Badges, Patches, Pins, and Medals

Besides showing that you are a member of the Cub Scouts, your uniform gives you a place to display your personal achievements and those of your den and pack. Badges of rank, award emblems, special recognitions, and the medals you win at Cub Scout activities are all sewn or pinned onto your uniform.

Wearing the Uniform

Unless your den leader says otherwise, you should wear your Cub Scout uniform to all Scouting activities—not only den and pack meetings, but every activity in which you take part with other Cub Scouts.

Buying Uniform

You can buy new uniforms from one of the Scout Shops listed below.
While at the scouting shop to buy a new uniform, please make note of the following:

  • We are part of Pack 758
  • Our Pack belongs to Northstar District, and we come under Circle 10 Council
  • Do not buy scouting handbook, activity t-shirt or any other materials; all you need is a Uniform.

More Details

Please check the links below for more details

Scout Shops

Please visit the Scout Shops Link (click here) for details

© 2019 Cub Scouts Pack 758 - Boy Scouts of America
© 2019 Cub Scouts Pack 758 - Boy Scouts of America